Tips for buying

  • Always take someone with you who has a good working knowledge about automobiles - irrespective of whether you are seeing a dealer or an individual seller.
  • Do not get elated about anything you see. A seller will be less inclined to negotiate with you if you give him the impression that you have just found "the perfect car."
  • Do not hesitate to ask the seller any questions you may have.
  • Never let the dealer know the price you are willing to pay. If you are asked the price you have in mind, you may reply: "I am looking for a small car. It may be a five or six-year-old model with an AC. Can you please show me a few cars in this category?"
  • Even if you need finance, do not let the dealer know about it up front. It may weaken your bargaining stand.
  • Please drive extensively the car(s) that suit(s) your choice and budget.
  • Always inspect the car under daylight.

Type of owner(s)

Preferably, go for a single-owner car. A car owned by a professional or a lady is often found to be a well- maintained. Check up on the complete past history of the car owner(s).