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No, if all you want to do is look for used cars and check out the best deals on offer you do not have to register.

No. Individual buyers and sellers don’t need to register. But if you are a dealer, you need to contact our representative or visit our nearest showroom.

We plan to provide services throughout Oman through our showroom network. Our showrooms are present in all major cities and towns in Oman. We will add other cities and towns as we move along.

Before you buy/sell a car check out with our representative. Alternatively you can also upload your car details in Sell Car section for online valuation.

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When you perform a search you have the option of saving the search specifications. Return to the site periodically, and execute the search again. We hope you will find the car you are looking for within short time period. Alternatively, you can also write to us stating your requirement/s.

Contact our nearest showroom or at the phone no appearing in the website. Alternatively you can also write to us we will contact you at the earliest.

Yes, at popularcars you can enjoy the benefits of financing. For details please visit our nearest showroom

We provide you with all that you need to know about motor insurance in Oman. This includes types of policies, claim procedures and exclusions. For details please visit our nearest showroom.

Please visit our section on PRE OWNED CAR GUIDE that will provide you with the essential information to assist you in your decision making process.

Contact our nearest showroom or post your car details into our website.

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